Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics

            As a journal, JASSS is committed to peer review integrity. It publishes research papers and articles that has not been published elsewhere. JASSS applies to CrossCheck for screening the unoriginal material.


Ethical Guidelines for Authors

            Authors are expected to adhere to the following guidelines

·        All authors must warrant their article is their own original work. They should include citation as long as they use other person’s ideas, language, pictures, graphs and tables. Without citing the source, copying even a single sentence from your work other works and papers leads to plagiarism.

·        All authors named in the work are held accountable for the content of the paper. Including authors who have not contributed to the research or exluding authours who have contributed is unacceptable.

·        Concurrent submission is not acceptable. Authors must not submit a manuscript to more than one journal simultaneously. Related to this subject, authors should not submit previously published work, as well.

·        Authors should be loyal to the findings of their research. Fabrication of data, making up data or result and reporting them, is unacceptable. Manipulating the data, materials, deleting, omitting or supression of conflicting data without justification caus