The world's life has been carefully planned for the last 2 centuries. High technology developed and the life was set on technology. The possibilities provided by technology have made people's lives easier and make them happy. The world is surrounded by electromagnetic networks and countless messages were sent to people every day. Social media is the most attractive tool in the hyper-modern era and nearly half of the world uses social media. Social media provides people communication, sharing and entertainment opportunities. It is possible to find ego satisfaction in social media that is not found in real life. Social media provides a virtually high ego satisfaction. People sometimes use social media to communicate but they often turn to social media to spend time or enjoy. The problem is social media that is used much and causes spending much time and prevent to think and prevent to communicate eachother among people in modern age. Social media are the most common and the most popular and the most attractive instruments which convey numerous interesting messages and enjoyable visual sharings and take people to a fantastic world from the real world and real people in modern age. This study handles the character of social media and investigates why people use social media much and what is the interest of social media with comtemporary conditions and evaluates role of social media in modern life and emphasizes that social media are the main instruments of globalizm and modern sovereignty strategy. Modern age is the age of technological facilities and technology has sovereignty on people in the world. People plan their lives due to technology and they mostly left traditional culture and began to live in popular culture with technology in the last century. The world and culture naturally changed due to technological development and people prefered to work less and to consume much. People began to spend all their time with technolgy and mostly left humanistic relations or intellectual actions. Modern age made people tired and presented people more colorful and funny facilities and popular culture placed consumption instead of production, even intellectual creation. The modern age is not only an economical plan but a political strategy that contains to control and to conduct all people in the world. Traditional tools and approaches changed when traditional age ended and people began to consume much to communicate less. Numerous people use social media in modern age and most of people do not need to communicate face to face. Many people do not meet with their relatives or with their friends. Popular culture taught people individual life and modern age presented people individual technologies. Social media are one of the most popular instruments of modern age and many people solve the need for communication via social media. Popular culture has very attractive marketing methods via social media because of technology. Popular culture is the style of modern age and the trap of the globalist strategy. The aim of the globalist strategy is to have a sovereignty via markets and products.

Social Media, Modern Age, Sovereignty Strategy, Contemporary Conditions, Popular Culture