The music activities planned for this research aim to teach preschoolers basic musical concepts and skills with the active usage of the piano. With encouraging the children to actively use the piano for these music activities, boosting cognitive and motor development is intended. İn addition, by planning the activities for the small groups, boosting preschooler’s social skills is also targeted. In the preparation process of the music activities, the literature of early childhood piano education has been reviewed. Then, the objectives have been developed with the reference of the literature. Individual differences and developmental aspects of preschoolers have been taken into account in the preparation process. The 8-week music activity charts were planned to teach twice a week for 20-minute. For the scientific validity of the research, the outcomes have been reviewed by a curriculum and instruction specialist. Then, six specialists in the fields of childhood development, preschool education, and music instruction viewed the activity plans. The specialists were asked to review the activities by their clarity and convenience for the preschoolers’ developmental stages and individual differences. The specialists have also been asked for improvements and alterations in the objectives and activities if it’s required. For the reliability of the music activities, a pilot study has been held. Twenty-five preschoolers at a primary school in Cankaya-Ankara participated to the pilot study. The study took place twice a week for 8-week as planned. Since it would be more effective to instruct the activities for smaller groups instead of the whole class population of 25, the students were divided in to groups of 5 to 8 in the activities. After the validity and reliability studies, the charts of the activities were reevaluated and the final arrangements have been done. It’s been suggested that this model proposal of the activities may be used in the experimental studies in the pre-school education and child development fields. The piano based music activities may also be used in further experimental studies in music education for the early childhood stage.

Early Childhood Education, Music Activities, Preschool Piano Training