From early ages, children begin to develop their initial curiosity about their definition of the world surrounding them and their initial ideas begin to develop. Teachers need to include geography in their activities to gain geographical awareness of pre-school children whose curiosity is so intense. In this respect, it was aimed to reveal the opinions of the teachers working in preschool education institutions about the geography education in the preschool period and their use of geography activities in the school environment. The research was conducted with a total of 25 preschool teachers working in Tekirdağ Süleymanpaşa district center. As a means of collecting data in the research using phenomenology patterns from qualitative research patterns, "Interview Forms on Preschool Teachers' Views on Geography Education in the Education of Preschool Children" developed by researchers were used to determine the opinions of teachers about geography education. The interview form developed as a means of data collection in the research was finalized in the direction of expert opinions. The data was analyzed by using descriptive analysis method and the results were expressed in terms of frequency and percentage. As a result of the research, it has been understood that the vast majority of preschool teachers consider that geography education in preschool period is necessary and the children gained "the recognition of their close environment" ability with geography education. However; it has been clearly understood that these teachers have geography activities 2-3 times a week and more in science lessons and the concepts of the activities primarily determine the frequency of their application. In addition, most of the teachers stated that the preschool education program was not enough for the geography education and the program should include also geography education with its own name.

Preschool Period, Geography Education, Frequency Of Geography Activity, Geography Acquisition, Teach