It has been observed that in academic studies today, due to the point system and the return, the necessary care has not been given to the research and therefore, the undisciplined research has been increased. This study was conducted in order to determine the undisciplined behavior of published articles in the scientific research process and to deal with their time-dependent change. The study consisted of two international journals indexed broadcasting and selected 350 articles from a magazine which is broadcasting at the national level. A total of 103 articles has been taken from these journals for qualitative research by purposeful sampling method. Qualitative observations have been utilized in the research and literature has been reviewed and four evaluation criteria have been derived from the studies prepared in this regard. These are; Violation of the participants' rights, not taking the necessary permissions for the used scale and inventory, giving the names of the package programs used even though they are not licensed, and not carrying out the validity and reliability analyses that must be done in the work. In addition, the percentage of compromise between the evaluators was calculated to test whether the 4 researchers who made the article review made consistent evaluations among themselves. As a result of this analysis, 85% for the first criterion, 88% for the second criterion, 100% for the third criterion and 93% for the fourth criterion were found. According to the obtained data; There was a decrease in the rates of violation of the participants' rights in the articles published by the international indexed magazines, not taking the necessary permissions for the data collection tools and not paying attention to the validity and reliability studies, although there was no increase in the rate of mentioning the package program names. On the basis of this, it can be considered that packet programs are widely used together with the developing technology in recent years. In the articles published by the national publication, while there was a decrease depend on a year at the rate of not taking the necessary permits for the data collection tool, there was an increase in the rates of violating participant rights, not mentioning package program names despite not having a license, and not paying attention to validity reliability studies. On the basis of this, it can be said that the endeavor to increase the number of articles published in the magazine over the years has been made to ignore the studies that have been conducted without research. For the third magazine based on the research methodology, no significant difference was observed for the four criteria due to years.

Ethics, Ethical Violation, Research Ethics, Undisciplined Research, Careless Research