Capitalism makes people's limited needs unlimited. Especially after the Industrial Revolution, the needs of people in everyday life are increasing and diversifying. Human beings, as a result of the preaching of capitalism "needs increase", their ties to their character, their essence and their values / cultures are also damaged and disappear. Individuals are alienating to what they produce and what they ultimately consume, to nature, to other individuals, and to the final revelation. Along with the relationship between alienation and freedom, the megapoller collects, followed by the acceleration of production and the multiplicity of production, and finally the consumption culture is widespread due to the unconscious management together with the concern of consumption. With consumption, the individuals of modern society are rapidly becoming a "machine" that has to produce for the "artificial needs" of less labor and non-production, but produced in "the temples of capitalism" and to constantly reproduce itself. It is "capitalism" which is the unbreakable bond between alienation and consumption, and both of which are both the cause and the end. In this study; a theoretical analysis on alienation will be made. This work has been prepared both to establish a basis for the theoretical frameworks of field research and to complement the relationship between consumption and alienation that is lacking in marketing. The study will mainly discuss the existence of alienation in the mass consumption society.

Alienation, Consumer Culture, Capitalism