In order for future generations to grow up as a healthy individual, the most important period in which personality bases are introduced is the 0-72 month period defined as the preschool period. Nowadays, with the participation of parents in business life, children often start school with life at an early age. In this sense, the characteristics of the environment in which the children spend half a day or a full day in pre-school education institutions gain importance. The fact that the activities / activities included in the training program prepared in the framework of the education program in the classes are realized under optimum comfort conditions is important for the students to have both their health and efficiency and enjoyable time as well as the love of school life from the beginning. The educational environment adversely affects the development of children if they do not have the optimum comfort conditions to meet their needs. The main purpose of this research is to determine the current state of the classrooms of children who attend pre-primary education institutions. In addition, it is aimed to emphasize that the characteristics of the classes in pre-school education institutions are important for children to spend both their efficiency and pleasure and to love school life from the beginning. Within the scope of the study, firstly interviews were held with 19 children in the 5-year age group attending a pre-school education institution in Istanbul to learn their thoughts on their classrooms. In the second phase of the study, an in situ detection study was conducted to determine the current physical properties of the class in this school. As a result of the study, evaluations were made in the direction of data obtained from on-site detection and interviews.

Preschool Education, Preschool Children, Preschool Education Environment, Place Features, Comfort