Rıfat Ilgaz is a poet from the generation of 1940s. The poet, who started writing poems at early ages, focused on personal issues his first poems. After 1939, he began to focus on social issues in his poems and published his first poem book titled Yarenlik in 1943. The poet, who also became famous for his humorous stories, is one of great poets in Turkish literature. Rıfat Ilgaz, who presented traces of his own life in his poems, struggled with the tuberculosis for a long time. The poet worked as a teacher for quite a short period of time and had to quit his beloved job as he was hospitalized for several times due to his illness. Also, he suffered from financial problems, which he mentions in his poems from time to time. Soluk Soluğa is the name of his poem book published in 1962. This work of the poet includes new poems besides others found in his previously poem books. The new poems in this book were mostly related to expression of personal emotions. As for the other poems that the poet selected from his previous poem books, they were mostly related to the difficulties and problems that people experience in their daily lives. The poems focus on patients hoping to recover at hospitals, students working part time or full time,people taking alcohol at local bars, workers with limited budgets and many other ordinary people. The common point of all these people in the poems is their poverty. The people in his poems were those who had to cope with and seriously suffered from poverty. Ilgaz, who focused on a single person in his poems in a way to present the general state of the society, did not narrate the conditions of these poor people in a pessimistic manner, though. In some of his poems, poverty is handled ironically and sarcastically. The people in his poems do not lose their hope although they are in sever poverty. This could be explained with the fact that Ilgaz, who shared the same conditions in his own life with those he mentioned in his poems, was hopeful for good days in future despite all his difficulties he had to cope with.

Rıfat Ilgaz, Soluk Soluğa, Poverty, Poem, Generation of 1940s