Indoctrination, known as brainwashing, has been used in theories since the beginning of the twentieth century. The aim of indoctrination is to place specific commands into one’s mind like being victim, self-destruction, self-humiliation, egotism, death, homicide, destroying enemy and supposedly martyrization through the use of seductive techniques. The human source of terrorism is formed and protected by professional brainwashing methods. The claim of this study is that the human factor in terrorism can be undermined by the law of persons. Law of persons can challenge brainwashing operations in terror organizations through preventive and litigation law. Personality is an alliance of values including physical, psychological and economic values, which characterize a man. Indoctrination in terrorism means the violation or infringement of personal rights. The awareness of legal protection of personality may create an immunity shield against all kinds of brainwashing methods. Against the violation, which is acquired through brainwashing, all the actions protecting the personality, can be brought if the legal conditions are appropriate. Especially in terms of terror organizations that abuse religions, partial or complete waiver notices of terrorist candidate whom rights and freedoms are given up on, definitely void and null even though it seems as if the terrorist candidate is willing.

Indoctrination, Brainwashing in Terror Organization, Personality, Infringement, Protection of Person