The poets and writers who wrote their works in Turkish used the vocabulary of Turkish firmly in their works. The main words of the Turkish verbs, along with the names of organs, Turkish religious terms, plant and animal names are known among the public by reflecting the common works. These poets and writers were the ones who had been educated in the madrasah such as those who wrote in Arabic and Persian. At the same time, these languages are written in these languages are able to translate the works of these languages. Âşık Pasha writes his work for the prestige of the Turkish nation and his Garib-name in his purest form. While creating his work, he also included Arabic words in Arabic, which are known by everyone besides Turkish words. Âşık Pasha also used the names of plants and plant uses due to the subjects that he worked in the Garib-names. Plant names are used in the basic meanings of the plants used in the sections mentioned in some of the descriptions and descriptions of plant names are given. The names of the plants with significant economic value during the period were more common in the text. The most important economic values of the period of the plants in the walnut and wheat words are included in the most. Turkish words for plant names and related concept names have been used. Besides, foreign words, which are known to everyone from Arabic and Persian languages, are used for plant names. For some plant names, only Turkish words were used, while Arabic and / or Persian equivalents of some plant names together with Turkish were included in the Garib-nâme text.

Âşık Pasha, Garib-Name, Names of Plants